Türkish Coffee

Turkish coffee (Turk Kahvesi in Turkish) is one of the important cultural elements of Turkey, It has been introduced to the Turkish society during sixteen century by the western world. Coffee is normally served in four different ways which is without sugar, with little sugar, medium sugar and sugar. Coffee is traditionally prepared in a copper pot (for the most delicious taste, it is highly recommended to use copper option instead of using other options) called ‘‘ cezve ’’. It is made by mixing coffee with water and sugar. Tradition states that after the guest has consumed / drunk the coffee and the cup is turned upside down on the saucer and allowed to cool. The hostess then performs a chance reading from the coffee grounds remaining in the cup, enables the guests to speak about different sweet stories depending on the shapes appeared in the coffee cups – reading the future from the coffee surface.

Today Turkish coffee is served with less ceremonies, but still some amazing anecdotes remains. Before the marriage and engagement; Females are expected to make and serve a perfect coffee to the male’s parents especially during the first family contact or meetings.  When the coffee is served to husband candidates, It is very common to use salt instead of sugar or spilling the coffee all over the guests to test the patient level of males 🙂

As we usually say during the coffee conversations; To drink a coffee together with Turkish citizens grantees long lasting friendships for 40 years 🙂