Personal Information

Mr Bülent Güvenel was born in Istanbul at 1977. He finished his elementary school education at Isik colleague and then finished his high school education at private Sakarya high school in the area of maths. He joined to Eastern Mediterranean University, department of industrial Engineering in 1996 and graduated at 2000 spring semester.  He became a honour student in EMU-IE department list, 1999-2000 fall semester.


After completing his military service in Izmir – Maltepe Military High School department of foreign languages and student registration office, he was accepted as a Master of Science student in Chalmers University of Technology, Gothenburg, Sweden at 2001 – finished his Master of Science degree in the area of production management at 2003. His thesis title is ‘’ a framework for the manufacturing outsourcing decision process, application to shoe manufacturing industry ’’. His current engineering research interests are; ERP applications, analytical hierarchy process, statistical process control, forecasting, ergonomics, production planning, engineering economy, probabilistic modelling in industrial engineering, theoretical project management, computer applications in industrial engineering.


He worked in automotive industry as a system engineer, logistics engineer and purchasing engineer for several years and continuing his career as a foreign trade manager in the same field.  He has 15 years of professional experience in the areas of system engineering, material management, logistics, ERP applications, foreign trade export – import operations, customer relationship management, contributed and managed many engineering projects.

He is a member of Eastern Mediterranean and Chalmers University Graduate Association, amateur player of table tennis and volleyball. He is a professional marbling collectionare, loves to watch football matches as a hobby. His other personal activities are amateur fishing, travelling, cultural documentary movies.